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Цели урока:

- развитие навыков и умений пользоваться изученной грамматикой;

- формирование навыков чтения с полным пониманием прочитанного;

- развивать умение применять полученную информацию на основе прочитанного;

- ознакомление учащихся при помощи текста с лингво-страноведческой информацией;

- расширение кругозора


Оборудование: компьютер, компьютерные тесты, разноуровневые карточки, карта достижений.


Проект урока английского языка по теме: A trip to London


Этап урока


Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся



онный момент



2 мину


Знакомит с темой урока и целью

Ставят себе цель выполнить  тесты и упражнения, достичь той отметки, которую желают получить за урок


Работа над компьютерными тестами. Повторение ранее изученной темы.

   10 минут

Помогает включиться в работу на компьютере, объясняет, если возникнут вопросы по процедуре выполнения теста

 Выполняют компьютерные тесты


Просмотр видеоролика

5 минут

Показывает ролик

Просматривают ролик



ное изучение материала. Работа с раз-


ми карточка-

ми (А-на«5», В-на»4», С –на «3»)

5 + 15 минут

Раздает карточки по вариантам. Оказывает индивидуальную помощь, проверяет задания.

Изучают само-

стоятельно теоретический материал. Выпол-

няют задания по карточкам. Отме-

чают свои дости-

жения на карте



2 мину


Подводит итог, анализирует таблицу

Сравнивают результат таблицы с предполагаемым результатом



ное домашнее задание

1 мину



Желающие записывают задание


Ход урока

I. Организационный момент. Целеполагание.


Teacher: My dear friends, today we are going to remember Present Simple and Present Continuous tenses. And then we’ll have a tour to London. At the lesson you will study some facts about this beautiful city and have some task about the text.

The first task is to do the computer tests.

You will have 10 minutes to do the tests.

The second task is to read the text and do the tasks in cards A, B, C.

If you want to get a “5” you are to work with Card A.

If you want to get a “4” you are to work with Card B.

If you want to get a “3” you are to work with Card C.

You will have 15 minutes to work with the cards.

What mark would you like to get today? Put it in your exercise books.

Don’t forget to register your achievements in the chart. Good luck!


II. Самостоятельная работа c компьютерными тестами. Повторение ранее изученной темы Present Simple and Present Continuous tenses.

Test 1


1. The baby ______ now.

a) ( )sleep

b) ( )sleeps

c) ( )is sleeping

d) ( )sleeping


2. Barbara usually _______coffee, but today she ______tea.

a)( )drinks, is drinking

b)( )drinks, drinks

c)( )is drinking, drinks

d)( )is drinking, is drinking


3. Look! Bob ______.

a)( )swims

b)( )swim

c)( )swimming

d)( )is swimming

4. It's five o'clock. Granny _______tea at the moment.

a)( )drink

b)( )is drinking

c)( )drinks

d)( )drinking


5. She often _______ to the theatre.

a)( )is going

b)( )go

c)( )goes

d)( )are going


6. Susan __________ to music now.

a)( )is listen

b)( )listening

c)( )listens

d)( )is listening


7. Listen! He __________ my favourite song.

a)( )playing

b)( )is playing

c)( )plays

d)( )played


8. Denis _______ very hard at school.

a)( )works

b)( )work

c)( )is working

d)( )are working


9. We _________   tests at the moment.

a)( )writing

b)( )is writing

c)( )write

d)( )are writing


10. I usually _______ TV with my family.

a)( )watching

b)( )watch

c)( )am watching

d)( )watched

The time is up.


III. Просмотр видеоролика.

Today we are having a lesson devoted to the sights of London. It will be an unusual lesson because we’ll have it in…London.



IV.Самостоятельное изучение текста.

Now we are going to read the text  about some of the places you’ve seen.


A trip to London

London  is one of the most interesting and ancient cities of Europe and the world. It’s over 2000 years old. About 10 million people live here. London is situated on the river Thames and is traditionally divided into four parts: the City, the West End, the East End and Westminster.


On the bank of the River Thames you can see the Houses of Parliament. It is also called the Palace of Westminster. Now it is the seat of the British Parliament. The Houses of Parliament have two towers: the Clock Tower “Big Ben” and the Victoria Tower with the British flag on the top. Big Ben is really a big bell. You hear it every hour. It weighs 13,720 kilograms. It has a deep tone and you can hear it on the radio: “This is the BBC. The time is six o’ clock.” And then you hear the deep boom of the Big Ben six times.


Buckingham Palace is the place where British kings and queens live when they are in London. Important visitors often go to the Palace and meet Queen Elizabeth and the royal family. A lot of tourists come to Buckingham Palace every day to see the Changing of the Guards.


Trafalgar Square is the center of modern London. The Nelson’s Column stands in the middle of it. There are also two large fountains here. Many Londoners and tourists like to have a rest here and enjoy the sight. The National Gallery is not far from here.


The Tower of London is the oldest monument in London. It has a long and cruel history. It is a group of buildings: the White Tower, the oldest part of the Tower of London, and the Bloody Tower which has a history of blood. Now it is a museum of armour.


Westminster Abbey is a symbol of England. It was built in 1065. The coronation of all British Kings and Queens takes place here. Some famous English people are also buried here.


The Tower Bridge was built in 1894. It is one of the famous bridges across the Thames. It is next to the Tower of London. You can also see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from Westminster Bridge. It opens and ships go up and down the River Thames.


Работа с разноуровневыми карточками.


Card C



  1. Big
  2. Trafalgar
  3. Bloody
  4. White
  5. Buckingham
  6. Westminster
  7. The Houses of
  8. The Tower of











Card B




  1. Big Ben is



  1. The queen lives in



  1. The Bloody Tower is  in




4. The Queen’s name is


5. The country’s leaders speak in


6. The Tower of London is …. now


 7.  How often do people hear Big Ben?



Card C


Make up the sentences:

he, London, monument, in, of,  London, oldest, is, Tower,  the.


cruel, has, and, It, a, history, long.                  


A of tourists to Buckingham lot Palace every come day.



V. Рефлексия.

Teacher: My dear children! You have worked very hard at the lesson, I am really proud of you. Let’s look at the register and analyze our achievements: __ students have reached Level C, __ students-Level B and __ students have done their best.  So you see that still there is much to be done. I thank you for the lesson and wish you every success in your studies.


VI.  Инднвидуальное домашнее задание по карточкам.

Teacher: You can do some tasks at home. We will continue our work at the next lessons.


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