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М. З. Биболетова, Н. Н. Турбанева “Enjoy English 4”

Цели урока:

развить навыки сопоставления и сравнения с имеющимися аналогами и умения пользоваться изученной грамматикой и лексикой;

обобщить знания и умения.

Оборудование: компьютер, разноуровневые карточки, карта достижений


Проект урока

№ п.п.

Этап урока


Деятельность учителя

Деятельность ученика


Организационный момент. Целеполагание

1 мин.

Знакомит с темой урока и целью

Ставят себе цель ответить на вопросы, достичь той отметки, которую желают получить за урок.



7 мин

Контролирует и проверяет

Повторяют пройденный материал. 


Работа c разноуровневыми карточками

30 мин

Объясняет задания, проверяет

Решение выполняют в тетрадях, и заполняют таблицу.



1 мин

Подводит итог урока

Сравнивают результат таблицы с предполагаемым результатом.


Индивидуальное домашнее задание

1 мин


Записывают домашнее задание

I. Организационный момент. Целеполагание.
Teacher: My dear friends, today we shall check your progress in English. At this lesson you will do some tasks on the cards.  
At the lesson you will do the tasks in cards A, B, C.
If you want to get a “3” you are to work with Card A.
If you want to get a “4” you are to work with Card B.
If you want to get a “5” you are to work with Card C.
You will have 30 minutes to work with the cards. Don’t forget to register your achievements in the chart. Good luck!


Card A “3”

Card B “4”

Card C “5”









II. Повторение.
I’ll give you 7 min. to revise Unit 3.

III. Работа с разноуровневыми карточками.
Card A
1. Choose the correct translation of the sentences:
1) Her behaviour is getting worse and worse, we must do something.
a) Ее поведение становится все хуже и хуже, вероятно, нам следует что-то предпринять.
б) Ее поведение становится все хуже и хуже, хорошо бы нам что-то предпринять.
в) Ее поведение становится все хуже и хуже, мы должны что-то предпринять.
2) She has to go school early tomorrow.
а) Завтра она придет в школу рано.
б) Ей нужно прийти в школу рано завтра.
в) Желательно, чтобы завтра она пришла в школу.
3) You should go to the doctor immediately.
а) Вы обязаны обратиться к врачу немедленно.
б) Вам следует немедленно обратиться к врачу.
в) Обратитесь к врачу.
2. Complete the sentences using the preposition: to, of, for, at, on.
1) Steven is very proud______his new bicycle.
2) Hello, can I speak______Ann, please?
3) ”Are you going to arrange a picnic at the weekend?”-“I would like to but it depends______ the weather.”
4) ”What are you looking_____?”-”I’ve lost my pen.”
5) She always laughs_____his silly jokes.
Card B
1. Fill in the words: trouble, education, attend, allowed, have, punish, private, punishment, behaves.
In Russia education is compulsory between ages of 6-7 and 15 years. There are different types of secondary schools in the country. Most of them are state schools where 1) ____________is free.
But some parents want their children to attend 2)___________schools which aren’t free.
Children have to 3)_______school from Monday till Friday. In some schools they 4)________to wear uniform. In others they are 5)_________ to wear what they want.
The discipline isn’t very strict. But if a pupil 6)_______badly the teacher can 7)________the child. Of course, the 8)_______isn’t severe. The teachers want their pupils to stay out of 9)__________ and always do their best.
2. Choose the correct pronoun:
1) His parents want____to behave well at school.
a) him b) he c) his
2) I want____to pay attention to your grammar.
a) your b) you c) yours
3) They expect _______to arrange a party.
a) I b) my c) me
4) Our teacher expects _______ to think of our future.
a) ours b) us c) we
5) Would you like _________ to stay out of trouble?
a) they b) their c) them
Card C
1. Write another sentence with the same meaning using the Passive Voice.
Example: The old man punished the naughty boy.-The the naughty boy was punished by the old man.
1) Students use computers at their lessons.
2) The teacher explained the rules of the game to the students.
3) Ann cooks a special dinner on the 21st of May.
4) They arranged a nice picnic last month.
5) The little boy drew these funny pictures.
2. Complete the sentences.
Example: If Mike____(do) his best at school, his parents would be happy with his marks.- If Mike did his best at school, his parents would be happy with his marks.
1) If my parents_____(allow) me to get a Saturday job, I would buy a new computer game.
2) If he didn’t do sports, he often_____(fall) ill.
3) If she were in trouble, she_____(phone) me.
4) If she_____(be) more energetic, she_____(try) her chance.
5) If I_____(be) you? I_____(try) to explain the problem to my parents.

IV. Рефлексия.
Teacher: My dear children! You have worked very hard at the lesson, I am really proud of you. Let’s look at the register and analyze our achievements: ___ students have reached Level C, __ students-Level B and ___ students have done their best. So you see that still there is much to be done. I thank you for the lesson and wish you every success in your studies.

V. Индивидуальное домашнее задание по карточкам.
Teacher: You can do some tasks at home.


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