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Вы находитесь: ТИО » Английский язык » 9 класс » Город и общество » Town and Community.Город и общество. Контрольная работа (модуль 6)

Учебник «Английский в фокусе» для 9 класса  (“Spotlight”), авторы  Ю. Е. Ваулина, О. Е. Подоляко, Д. Дули, В. Эванс. “Просвещение”, 2009


Цели урока: 


- развитие умения самостоятельной работы на уроке;

- контроль усвоения лексико-грамматического  материала модуля № 6


Оборудование: компьютеры, компьютерные тесты, карта достижений.


Этап урока


Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся



онный момент.



2 мину


Знакомит с темой урока и целью

Ставят себе цель ответить на вопросы, выполнить упражнения, достичь той отметки, которую желают получить за урок


Компьютерный тест

40 минут

Помогает включиться в работу на компьютере, объясняет, если возникнут вопросы по процедуре выполнения теста  


Выполняют компьютерные тесты. Отмечают свои достижения на карте



2 мину


Подводит итог, анализирует таблицу

Сравнивают результат таблицы с предполагаемым результатом



ное домашнее задание

1 мину



Желающие записывают задание


Ход урока


I.Организационный момент. Целеполагание.


Teacher: Hello, dear friends! I am glad to welcome you at our lesson. How are you? I am glad you are fine. Today we are going to check our knowledge and do the next Progress Check. It contains 7 tasks.

Task  1 — Topic Vocabulary.

Task 2 — Question words+ever

Task 3 — Reflexive and emphatic pronouns

Task 4 — Passive forms. Choose the right variant

Task 5- Passive forms. Open the brackets

Task 6 — Passive forms. Change Active forms into Passive

Task 7 — Translate from Russian into English

And you will appreciate your results yourselves. Only when you finish a task and have no mistakes you can go on to the next task. You can do the tasks in any order.

               If you want to get a “5” you are to do all 7 tasks

               If you  want to get a “4” you are to do  tasks 1-5

          If you want to get a “3” you are to do tasks 1 and 2


  II.  Компьютерныйтест.

          You will have 40 minutes to work. If you make some mistakes no need to return to the computer variant again. I can give you a paper variant to save your time. In the task 5 you write only the verb forms. In the task 6 you should write the whole sentences.  If you have any questions raise your hands and I will come up.

   Don’t forget to register your achievements in the chart. Good luck!


    III.  Рефлексия.


Teacher: You have done much hard work at the lesson Let’s look at the register and analyze our achievements: 3 students have done 3 tasks , 4students have done 5 tests  and 3 students have done their best.  So you see that still there is much to be done. I thank you for the lesson and wish you every success in your studies.


  IV. Инднвидуальное домашнее задание по карточкам.


Teacher: You can do  Workbook exercises number 7 or 8 on p.43 We will continue our work with it at the next lessons.


Task 1. Choose the right variant


        1.       You should always help ......people

1. foster

2. citizen

3. disabled

4. victims


         2.      She helps out at an animal ......

1. house

2. shelter

3. foster

4. place


      3.      He wanted to .......with something worthwhile.

1. help

2. abandon

3. get involved

4. do


        4.      Some animals are .....by their owners.

1. neglected

2. abandon

3. thrown

4. visit


     5.     When I knew the news I .....into tears.

1. burst

2. bursted

3. cried

4. began


      6.    My family .....old things to the local charity shop.

1. gave

2. donated

3. supported

4. encouraged


    7.       We .... once a week at a children's hospital.

1. donate

2. volunteer

3. help

4. encourage


     8.      She .....encouraged him to help in a foster house.

1. help

2. supported

3. encouraged

4. involved


   9.      Always cross the road at the .... — it is safer.

1. traffic lights

2. zebra crossing

3. roundabout

4. pavement


        10.     Let's go ...... around the city.

1. sightseeing

2. walk

3. walking

4. viewing


Task 2


 1       Why do you always blame me .....something goes wrong?

1. whenever

2. wherever


   2       You can visit me ....day is best for you. I don't mind.

1. whichever

2. whenever


  3       You can have your birthday party.... you like.

1. whatever

2. wherever


 4      Mike could not fix the problem ....hard he tried.

1. whatever

2. however


   5        May I speak to ....in the charge here?

1. whoever

2. whichever


    6       You are so lucky! You eat ...you want and don't put on weight.

1. whichever

2. whatever



   7         .....I hear this song, it always reminds me of you.

1. whenever

2. however


   8       You can have your hair cut ....you want.

1. whatever

2. however


Task 3 


            1.  Victor is making the salad ...

1. heself

2. himself

3. himselves


           2      Ann is sitting on the beach by ....

1. herself

2. himself

3. herselves


          3       Mr Johnson always mows the grass ....

1. himself

2. herself

3. myself


         4        My class celebrated the holiday ...

1. himself

2. themselves

3. itself





         5        The Browns repaired the balcony....

1. itself

2. herself

3. themselves


         6       Sue and Jill bought this beautiful thing ...

1. itself

2. himself

3. themselves



Task 4. Choose the right variant of the Passive form


             1.  A:  Can I take a photo of the statue, please?

                  B:  I am afraid not, sir. Cameras .....in the museum


        1. is not allowed

        2. are not allowed

        3. were not allowed


          2.    A : Has your new fridge arrived?

                   B:  No. it ....yet.

        1. is not delivered

        2. was not delivered

        3. has not been delivered


         3.     A:  When ...(.Pete/promote) to Managing Director?

                   B:  Last week.

         1. is .. promoted

         2. was ..promoted

         3. has ...been promoted


          4.    A:  What is going on over there?

                   B:  Oh,a new house ...

         1. is being built

         2. was built

         3. is built


           5.  A:  Why are you so afraid of bees?

                  B:  Because I ...by a beer when I was a little boy.

        1. is stung

        2. was stung

        3. had been stung


          6.    A:  When will you finish your project?

                   B:  It ...tomorrow.

         1. will finish

         2. will be finished

         3. will finished


          7.    A:  Are you driving to work today?

                   B:  No. My car ...yet.

          1. has not repaired

          2. is not repaired

          3. has not been repaired


             Task 5 Open the brackets


         1       Our house (burgle) last night.




         2          This building (estimate) to be at least 200 years old.




         3       All the packaging (must/remove) before placing the pizza in the oven.




         4         Unfortunately a lot of dogs (abandon) in the streets by their owners.



          5         A lot of money (donate) to the local orphanage by somebody who wanted to remain anonymous



          6        How often (cats/should/feed)?





   Task 6 Write the sentences in the Passive form


           1       The Mayor will open the new library.



           2       Versace created the costumes for the play.



         3          Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.



         4          They will organize a meeting next week.



          5        No one has translated this play yet.



         6           They hold elections for President every five years.



           7       They were playing games when I arrived.



         8         They decorated the room with flowers and balloons.



         9         They are building a new bridge.



Task 7 Translate


a) отвечать на телефонные звонки

разразиться слезами

помогать очищать лес

приют для животных

переходить улицу по «зебре»

общественные службы

открыть счет в банке

снять деньги

сообщить о пожаре

отправить посылку

зарегистрироваться в отеле

выехать из отеля

встретиться с мэром


b) В каждой стране существует большое количество благотворительных организаций. Они оказывают реальную помощь детским домам, приютам, помогают престарелым гражданам, спасают животных  на грани вымирания, заботятся о раненных животных. Такие фонды организовывают помощь жертвам землетрясений и наводнений в любом месте. Особенно их помощь нужна детям, которых иногда приходится спасать, забирая из семьи, где с ними обращаются не так, как следует .Благотворительный фонд «Кто, если не Я?» приглашает волонтеров для работы с такими детьми, чтобы общаться с ними, развивать их творческие и интеллектуальные способности


МОУ «Татарская гимназия № 2 имени Ш. Марджани»  г. Казани

Мустафина ГульсинаШамилевна

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