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Учебник «Английский в фокусе» для 10 класса  (“Spotlight”), авторы  Ю. Е. Ваулина, О. Е. Подоляко, Д. Дули, В. Эванс. “Просвещение”, 2009

Цели урока:

- развивать умение самостоятельной работы на уроке;

- формировать грамматические навыки и умения в процессе самостоятельной работы над темой;

- развивать навыки сопоставления  и сравнения с имеющимися аналогами и умение пользоваться изученной грамматикой и  лексикой;

Оборудование: компьютер, разноуровневые компьютерные тесты, карта достижений.



Этап урока







Организационный момент.Целепола-гание

2 мин.

Знакомит с темой урока и целью

Ставят себе цель ответить на вопросы,выполнить упр-я,достичь той отметки,которую желают получить за урок


Самостоятельное изучение грамматического материала

5-6 мин


Изучают самостоятельно теоретический материал


Работа с разноуровневыми тестами

Уровень А –на 3 и 4

Уровень В — на 5


Помогает включиться в работу на компьютере,объясняет, если возникнут вопросы по процедуре выполнения теста

Выполняют тесты




Подводит итог,анализирует таблицу

Сравнивают результат таблицы с предполагаемым результатом


Индивидуальное домашнее задание



Желающие записывают


 Стенограмма урока

I. Организационный момент. Целеполагание.

Teacher:.Hello, dear friends! I am glad to welcome you at our lesson. How are you? I am glad you are fine. Today we continue our work on the grammar theme Gerund and Infinitive and we’ll go on doing exercises from the book and computer tests. And you will appreciate your results yourselves. You will have 35 minutes to work. You can choose your level. There are two of them.

Level A tasks 1-3 for those who want to get a 3

Level A tasks 1-6 for those who want to get a 4

Level B tasks 1-4 for those who want to get a 5

Only when you finish a task and have no mistakes you can go on to the next task. You can do the tasks in any order.


II. Самостоятельное изучение теоретического материа

Please, study the theory at Pages GR3-GR 5 (-ing form,Infinitive, Differences in meaning between the to-infinitive and –ing form, Verbs taking to-infinitive or -ing form without a change in the meaning)and then you will practice it in exercises


III. Компьютерный тест.

If you make some mistakes no need to return to the computer variant again. I can give you a paper variant to save your time.  If you have any questions raise your hands and I will come up.

Don’t forget to register your achievements in the chart. Good luck!


Level A    Test 1 Type the correct form


1. Her father always tells her  (study) hard at school

2. Do you know how (play) the piano?

3. Poppy needs (say) sorry to her sister.

4. I'm bored ! Do you fancy (watch) a DVD with us?

5. We must (visit) grandpa this week.

6. I'd like (go) to a summer camp one day.


Level A    Test 2 Type the correct form

1.  Fiona forgot (lock) the door

2  Fiona will never forget (see) the massive wave of water.

3.  Remember (pay) the water bill tomorrow!

4.   I  don't remember (meet) you before

5.  He  stopped (buy) some bread from the baker's

6   He stopped (work) on this project a month ago.

7.  She tried (help) the mountain gorillas.


Level A   Test 3 Choose the right variant

1. I' m looking forward  to ... you.



2. He may ... if you invite him.

1. coming

2. come

3. Aigul is very anxious about ... her exam.

1. passing


4. Will your father let you ... to the party on Saturday?


2. going

5. He denied... the window.


2. break

6. The manager avoided ... discussing such matters in front of his secretary.


2. discussing

7. My brother agreed... me clean the garage.

1. to help

2. helping


Level A   Test 4 Type the correct form


1  I remember (fall) off my skateboard when I was young

2 Remember (lock) the door when you leave the house.

3 While she was walking home, she stopped (buy) some sweets.

4. I stopped (do) my homework  when my mum called me for dinner.

5 .Ben will never forget (see) the Eiffel Tower for the first time.

6. James  forgot (bring) his football kit to practice.

7. You should try (eat) less if you want to loose weight.

8. I tried (finish) the project before the deadline.


Level A Test 5 Type the correct form


1. Did you remember (feed) the cat today?

2. Sorry,  I forgot! I promise (do) it as soon as I get back.

3. Let me (give) you a lift to the airport.

4. Don't worry. I have decided (take) the train.

5. Do you like (watch) wildlife documentaries?

6. Not really. I prefer (watch) ones about technology.

7. There is no point in (try) to make him change his mind.

8  I know! He seems (be) very stubborn.

9. I can't (reach) that box!

10. Why don't you try (use) a  ladder?


Level A Test 6 Choose the right variant


1.  Oh, no! I forgot ..... the door.

1. to lock

2. locking

3. lock

2. There is no point in ..... about it.

1. worry

2. worrying

3. to worry

3.  George would like ..... Thailand one day.

1. to visit

2. visiting

3. visit

4. Let me .....you with that heavy suitcase.

1. help

2. to help

3. helping

5.   We are looking forward to ...... our parents.

1. to see

2. see

3. seeing


Level B   Test 1 Type the correct form


1.I don't feel like (go) out tonight. Do you?

 2.Everyone expected his business (fail) within the first two months.

 3. What would you like (do) this evening?

 4. We discussed (turn) the attic into a spare bedroom.

 5. She  wasn't be able (speak) very clearly after the accident.

6. Do you mind (move) our car, please?

 7. Are you planning (get) a new DVD player?

 8. I am very pleased (tell) you that we have passed!

 9. I'm really looking forward to (go) to the cruise.


Level B  Test 2 Type the correct form


 1.Ivan is very good at (make) new friends.

 2. I can't resist (buy) things when they are on the sales.

 3. I don't know how you managed (persuade) the bank manager to lend you so much money!

 4. Does Jessica dislike (walk) so much that she's not going to come with us?

 5.Do you deny (steal) the money? Yes or no?

 6. The kids were pretending (be) asleep, but they didn't fool me for a second.

 7. I refuse (accept) that there's no alternative.

 8. No one understands how Jill can afford (go) on so many holidays.

 9. He only just escaped (send) to prison.


Level B  Test 3 Choose the right variant


1. People appear .....in different ways.

1. learning

2. to learn

3. learn

4. having learn


2. Some people expect....mistakes in their studies.

1. making

2. to make

3. make

4. having made


3. They are capable of .... from their mistakes.

1. benefiting

2. to benefit

3. benefit

4. to have benefited


4. They don't mind... by their teacher.

1. correcting

2. being corrected

3. to correct

4. to be corrected


5. Others, however, dislike .... mistakes.

1. making

2. to make

3. to be making

4. make


6. They try  to avoid ... anything which they might do badly.

1. doing

2. to do

3. having done

4. to have done


7. They would rather ... something in small steps.

1. to perfect

2. perfecting

3. perfect

4. be perfected


8. Both ways of learning seem ...equally valid.

1. that

2. to be

3. as

4. being


9. All  students should at least think about... the way that they approach learning.

1. to question

2. questioning

3. question

4. to be questioned


Level B   Test 4 Which is right?


1. I can't bear being tickled!

I can't bear to be tickled!

a) they have the same meaning

b) they have different meanings


2. My boss went on saying that he was very proud of us.

My boss went on to say that he was very proud of us 

a) they have the same meaning

b) they have different meanings


3. Have you stopped having lunch yet?

Have you stopped to have lunch yet?

a) they have the same meaning

b) they have different meanings


4. They continued climbing the mountain.

They continued to climb the mountain.


a) they have the same meaning

b) they have different meanings


5. Have you started having lunch yet?

Have you started to have lunch yet?


a) they have the same meaning

b) they have different meanings


6. We all saw the reporter interviewing the witness.

We all saw the reporter interview the witness.

a) they have the same meaning

b) they have different meanings


7. I hate being cheated by taxi drivers.

I hate to be cheated by taxi drivers.

a) they have the same meaning

b) they have different meanings


IV. Рефлексия.

Teacher: Teacher: You have done much hard work at the lesson Let’s look at the register and analyze our achievements: 3 students have done 3 tasks of level A, 4 students have done 5 tests of level A  and 3 students have done their best.  So you see that still there is much to be done. I thank you for the lesson and wish you every success in your studies.


V.  Инднвидуальное домашнее задание по карточкам. 

Teacher: You can do some tasks at home. We will continue our work at the next lessons.


Татарская гимназия № 2 имени Ш. Марджани г. Казани

Мустафина Гульсина Шамилевна, учитель английского языка первой квалификационной категории


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